The Team

June 2001

Scott completed Gunsmithing classes and training over the course of two years

March 2013

Received Federal Firearms License (FFL) and Special Occupational Tax (SOT)

About TBF Arms



TBF Arms began as the passion of gun-loving brothers--Doug, Scott, and Matt--The Brothers Fanning. As adults living in different cities, whenever they got together, the talk turned to firearms. Finally, it became a question of: how can we share this obsession with our friends and people around us? The answer was to get their FFL. They decided to make it so. 

A couple years later, Scott built a workshop at his home, and then a dedicated sales area. With Scott's gunsmithing experience and Doug's business sense, the brothers are able to offer many years of first-hand experience to the public. Matt heads up the Maritime Division when needed. When this trio can't satisfy your needs, they have resources and recommendations to get your problem solved.

December 2019

Partnered with AR500 Armor

March 2020

Became a recognized dealer storefront with Silencer Shop

TBF Arms